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Heard Wins SFPGA Event

November 11, 2018

Wycliffe Golf and Country Club, West Course

Only 13 years old and playing in his first South Florida PGA Championship Tour event, Alex Heard fired rounds of 76-72 to win the Boys 13-15 age division by one stroke. With one exception, Alex was perfect for the weekend: even par for 35 holes. That exception was his 15th hole on day one, where he was faced with a difficult fairway bunker shot over water to the green. Although he left two balls in the hazard, he followed up strong and finished his round with two consecutive birdies.

Alex finished the  tournament with a flourish, shooting 3-under par on his final 9 holes to win the event. Playing from the same tees as the 16-18 age group, Alex finished in 5th place overall among 13-18 year olds and 1st place in the 13-15 division.

Alex Heard Leads High School Golf Team

Alex Heard, a new 8th grader at American Heritage Academy of Boca/Delray, joined the varsity high school golf team this Fall season. Quickly becoming the team’s #1 player, Alex was medalist in three of six matches, leading the American Heritage team to four victories. Alex’s 9-hole stroke average for his matches was 38.

Led by Alex, the team finished second in the District Championships, where Alex fired a 75 and was co-medalist. The team moved on to Regional competition, but failed to advance to the state finals. Alex hoped to advance as an individual, but his 78 on the difficult Bear’s Club course in windy conditions fell 3 strokes short of qualifying.

All in all, it was a great season with much camaraderie, and Alex enjoyed the team experience. He was honored to win the team’s “Most Valuable Player” award, and looks forward to more team golf in the future.

Alex Heard Moves on to High School Golf

August 31, 2018

It has been another busy year for Alex, beginning with his win in the 2017 US Kids Holiday Classic. Firing consecutive rounds of 2-under par 70, Alex won that event for the third time in his junior career. In 2018, Alex began competing in AJGA events, qualified for the Florida State Junior Championship, and attempted to qualify for the USGA National Junior Amateur.

He played in and won his first Hurricane Junior Tour event, shooting rounds of 68-75 to win by 10 strokes. His busy year included a missed cut at the Press-Thornton Future Masters, a 6th place finish in the World Stars of Golf in Las Vegas (rounds of 70-80-70), and a solid finish in the US Kids World Championships, shooting 75-75-79.

One of the highlights of the summer was the BallenIsles Junior Cup, an invitation-only event featuring the top juniors in South Florida. The youngest on the team, Alex went head-to head in match play against 15-year olds and won both of his matches. His final singles match featured a dramatic back nine, where he outlasted his competitor, clinching the BallenIsles Cup with a birdie on 17, then parring 18 to win his match 1-up.

Now, Alex is beginning the school season at a new school, and is playing for the varsity team with hopes to make it to the state championships.

Alex Heard Completes Another Successful Summer of Golf

August 20, 2017

Alex Heard has completed another amazing summer of golf, travel, and fun. His summer began with the U.S. Kids European Championships on June 1 at the Glen Club in North Berwick, Scotland. Alex fired rounds of 80-74-73 to finish in 10th place among 72 12-year old boys from several countries. Following the tournament, Alex and his parents traveled to Spain for vacation… and some fun golf at Real Club de Valderrama and Real Club de Sevilla.

Continuing a busy June, Alex competed in the Press Thornton Future Masters, where he made the cut and finished 33rd in a rain-plagued and shortened tournament, shooting 76-78. From there, Heard traveled to Orlando, Florida for the U.S. Kids Florida State Invitational. After a disappointing first round 76, which left him 2 strokes off the lead, Alex came alive in the final round, firing a 2-under par 70 for the victory.

Alex also competed in six South Florida PGA Junior Challenge Tour events from June-August, earning a 5th place, two 2nd place finishes, then winning the final three events with scores of 68-74, 72-70, and 70, all from approximately 5,700 yards.

A highlight of every summer has always been the U.S. Kids World Championships in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and this year was no exception. Alex teamed with his dad to take 2nd place in the World Parent-Child Team event, then went on to fire rounds of 74-77-71 in the World Championships. His 222 total on the challenging Pinehurst #6 and #8 courses placed him in 12th place of 200 12-year olds from some 20 countries.

As the summer wound down, Alex also competed in the Drive, Chip, and Putt competition, making it through the local qualifier but failing to move on at the Sub-Regional level. He also is leading his PGA Junior League team as they move into the playoffs, hoping to make it through to the national finals.

Next up for Alex is middle school flag football, a few more SFPGA Challenge Tour events, and the U.S. Kids PGA Invitational in October.

Heard Wins Player of the Year

August 28, 2016
West Palm Beach

Alex Heard won the Player of the Year award for the U.S. Kids West Palm Beach Summer tour at Ibis Country Club today. Firing a 2-over par 74 to finish 2nd for the day, he secured first place in the overall points race.

U.S. Kids West 2016 Palm Beach Summer Tour Player of the Year
U.S. Kids West 2016 Palm Beach Summer Tour Player of the Year

The tour consisted of 8 events from June-August. Heard competed in 7 of them, winning 4, with 2 second place finishes and a fourth place finish. His stroke average for the 7 events was 72.9, against a par of 72.

The win gives Heard “Green” status with U.S. Kids, which ensures his priority invitation to all regional, international, and world events for the coming year.

Heard Finishes T-47 in U.S. Kids World Championships

August 7, 2016
Pinehurst, North Carolina

Alex Heard placed T-47 in the 2016 U.S. Kids World Championships in Pinehurst, NC, at Mid South Club. Competing against a strong field of 148 11-year olds from 22 countries, the 54-hole event featured two weather delays at the Arnold Palmer-designed private club.

Alex opened with a solid 75 in spite of 2 double-bogeys, including a heartbreaking double on the finishing hole played in a driving rainstorm. His second round 76 was full of scoring opportunities, but he struggled with the bent grass greens. He finished with a solid 76 in the final round with a tougher course setup.

Although this was his lowest finish in six years at the Worlds, he still kept his head high and looks forward to coming back again next year.

Alex Heard Wins Local Drive, Chip, and Putt Competition

July 30, 2016
Drive, Chip and Putt Local Qualifier, World Golf Village, St. Augustine, FL

Following a 1-hour lightning delay, Alex Heard won his local Drive, Chip and Putt competition with a total score of 133 at World Golf Village in St. Augustine, FL.  Said Heard, “It was great to win the local event against a field of 30 competitors, and I look forward to returning to St. Augustine for the Sub-Regional.” That event is scheduled for Saturday, August 27.

Alex selected this location for his local qualifier because it fit best into his schedule. He is on his way to Pinehurst for the U.S. Kids Golf World Championships on August 4-6.

Alex Heard Wins “Spirit of Giving” Award

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pepsi Little People’s Honors Heard

Alex Heard of Boca Raton, FL, has been named the 2016 Pepsi Little People’s “Spirit of Giving” Award winner. At 11, Alex becomes the youngest recipient of the Award.

Since his earliest years, Alex has shown compassion towards others. His birthday is two weeks before Christmas, and just before his 7th birthday, Alex announced that he wanted to donate his birthday presents to less fortunate children.

Before that, Alex’s family, Rick and Diane Heard, had established a tradition of donating his lightly used toys and child goods to local charities. Alex looked forward to these visits every year. Since his 7th birthday, Alex hasn’t received any birthday gifts from classmates or friends, opting instead to donate them to local charities.

Alex attends Unity School of Delray Beach, which has a “Lessons in Living” program, teaching preschoolers through 8th graders the virtues and values of giving. The program includes an “Angel Tree” gifting program, soup kitchen visits, and other outreach activities supporting local charities and organizations.

Alex personally supports the Florence Fuller Early Childhood Development center in Boca Raton and the local Toys for Tots program.

Two years ago on his 9th birthday, Alex and his parents were in Miami for the Doral Junior tournament. They stopped at a local restaurant where they were raffling off a nice boy’s bike. Alex was enamored with it, as he was outgrowing his own bike. As luck would have it, Alex won the bike – and immediately decided to donate the bike to a boy who didn’t have a bike. Evidently that was good karma, as he shot a five-under-par 30 in the first round, and followed it with a 33, winning the tournament. When they returned home, he took the bike to the Florence Fuller Center where the staff was overjoyed and appreciative of his generosity.

Alex has also supported the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation through annual fund-raising walks, and has raised hundreds of dollars, earning him the “Golden Award” for 2014.

Alex also volunteered with a free golf clinic for kids battling cancer in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He and his Dad, a PGA golf professional, hosted a group of families and set up fun golf games and instructional stations for the kids, their siblings and parents. Alex took turns at each station, showing the kids the correct way to hold a club, swing and hit a ball.

Alex will be competing in the 10-11 division of the 2016 Pepsi Little People’s in Quincy, IL, and will receive his Award during the Family Celebration Picnic on June 22.

The Pepsi Little People’s Golf Championships is an international junior golf competition for boys and girls aged 3 through 18. The 43rd annual tournament will be held June 20-22 at two golf courses in Quincy, Illinois, USA. Competition is held in seven age divisions for boys and seven age divisions for girls. More information and entry forms are available at littlepeoplesgolf.com, or by contacting Nan Ryan, Tournament Director, at jrgolfer@littlepeoplesgolf.com or 217-257-5718.

The Little People’s ‘Spirit of Giving’ Award was established six years ago in memory of John Howerton, a Little People’s Board member and Chair of the Transportation Committee, who passed away unexpectedly in March 2011. John was a great ambassador for Little People’s and established many friendships with players and their families. Previous Award winners include Claire Hodges, Maggie Ambrose, Zach Hoskins, Tripp Kinney and Hannah Berman.